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Expertise at the Service of Your Vehicle

At Nissan Charlevoix, the entire service team unites its forces to offer you both the best quality maintenance for your vehicle and the best customer service. From the simplest maintenance such as oil changes to major repairs following an accident, the service department ensures you a complete and conscientious care from start to finish.

The entire team of technicians adheres to Nissan quality standards when they take charge of your vehicle. This means not only that the work is done with meticulous attention to detail by specialists in the field, but also that the equipment and tools used are at the cutting edge of technology, in keeping with the reputation of the innovative brand.

Honesty is also one of the fundamental values at our Nissan dealership. Since we know that surprise bills are the sworn enemy of motorists, we make sure to transmit you all the information concerning the maintenance of your vehicle from A to Z: with the transparent team at Nissan Charlevoix, no action or unjustified charges will appear on your bill.

What’s more, the entire team will make sure to follow up with you and answer all your questions regarding maintenance. You can benefit from the precious advice of Nissan professionals who will be happy to answer you. Not only will you be overjoyed by the work done on your Nissan, but you will also be delighted by the quality of service and the welcome you will receive as a customer.

Entrust your vehicle in complete peace of mind to our team who will make your experience the best it can be. Then, find your vehicle quickly reinvigorated and ready to get back on the road thanks to the good care of our technicians.

Come and visit the Nissan dealership in Charlevoix for any maintenance request or book an appointment directly on our website.