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The Best Offers, at All Times

Taking advantage of an interesting promotion to obtain at a lower cost an item that catches the eye always generates the greatest satisfaction. That’s why, whatever the time of year or season, attractive special offers and promotions are continually in effect at Nissan Charlevoix, allowing you to save big.

Offers and promotions are specially designed for you and highlight a variety of quality vehicles: to each consumer a need, and to each need a promotion! The equation is simple: whatever you’re looking for, the Charlevoix dealership has an offer for you, from sports cars to the most rugged SUVs.

Interesting promotions are, of course, not limited to future car buyers, because the satisfaction of current customers also counts for the dealership. Indeed, if you already own a Nissan vehicle, many offers are available to you, whether it’s for mechanical maintenance, detailing services or repairs. You can also take advantage of various programs, such as the loyalty program, for even more savings!

Contact us, drop by our dealership or visit our website regularly to stay abreast of new offers.