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Nissan Authenticity in Every Room

At the Japanese manufacturer Nissan, the quality of each part is the result of extensive research combined with several rigorous tests, guaranteeing parts and accessories that are both solid and durable. Nissan parts are constantly being improved year after year to offer you greater reliability.

These parts, especially designed for Nissan cars, are essential to the proper functioning of these vehicles, which is why Nissan Charlevoix dealer is proud to offer only genuine parts on its vehicles. This is also why, when you bring your vehicle in for maintenance and one or more parts need to be replaced, you can rest assured that each and every one of these parts will be Nissan-certified.

In fact, our experienced technicians carry out thorough checks on each of the vehicle’s components to ensure their authenticity. It is indeed of the utmost importance to use only certified parts during maintenance or repairs: after all, a vehicle’s good health depends first and foremost on the original parts that make it up.

Quality is a core value at Nissan, and all our technicians make sure that it is always honoured. Putting your vehicle in the hands of these experts means ensuring that every part that goes into your vehicle will provide the best function and durability possible.

Every item of fundamental importance, no matter how small, is thoroughly inspected before it goes into your car. Whether you have to change tires, battery, brakes, belt, wipers or any other part, you can have peace of mind that the technical team will take care of your car with meticulous attention to detail.

Keep your car in good condition for as long as possible by entrusting it to the skillful hands of our technicians, who know Nissan vehicles inside and out, and who will give you only the best for your car.