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I Reserve My Next Vehicle!

Charlevoix Nissan doesn’t skimp on customer service and likes to simplify your life. The people at Charlevoix Nissan take advantage of every moment to make your customer experience even more rewarding.

You’re about to choose your next new or pre-owned vehicle, but you hesitate between two versions. You take the time to examine the features of both to help you make the right choice.

Your online shopping is well under way and you finally decide on a Nissan model with the version that suits you. You’re excited and enthusiastic and you want to take it for a test drive quickly.

Nothing could be simpler! By filling out the form on this page, you reserve your next vehicle for 48 hours, the time to come at the dealership to test-drive it and discuss the details with one of our representatives. This way, you can be sure to test-drive the right vehicle with the features and functions that meet your expectations.

Since your vehicle is now reserved, you’ll have peace of mind for the rest of the process. Charlevoix Nissan accompanies you every step of the way and quickly hands you the keys to your vehicle!